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Ecothrive Biosys

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Ecothrive Biosys

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Ecothrive Biosys contains a blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. Easy to mix and use, immediately improves the health of your root zone. Biosys is a concentrated powder that you add to water to make a ‘microbe tea’ it contains complex ingredients that work on a many levels. The microbes in Biosys improve root function, increase nutrient and water availability, help with disease prevention, speed up the breakdown organic matter and improve plant growth.

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Biosy is a concentrated powder containing a unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. These organisms include: 8 Species of Endo mycorrhizal fungi 8 Species of Bacillus 2 Species of Nitrogen fixing bacteria 2 Species of Pseudomonas 2 Species of Trichoderma How To Use Ecothrive Biosys Propagation and Potting-On Add 10g per 10L of water, Ideal for watering newly potted plants. For seed and cuttings, pre-soak plugs for 15 mins. Established Plants Soil / Coco / Hydro Growing Media Add 5g per 10L of water, Water the growing media until run-off occurs, Repeat every 1-2 weeks, Use with water or half strength nutrient solution. Recirculating Hydroponic Systems Add 2.5g per 10L of water, Repeat every 1-2 weeks with each reservoir change, Avoid mixing with EC higher than 1.5, The nutrient solution must be actively aerated. Stress Recovery Add 10g per 10L of water, Use with water only, Apply twice with a 5 day interval.

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