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coco green 50ltr

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coco green 50ltr

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Product Code: coco green 50ltr
from bale to pot in less than 60 seconds

ec 0.3; next best rival is ec 0.6 giving you larger yields and quicker growth

washed and buffered.

Cocogreen Coir Coco Peat amd Coconut Chip Products are all derived from the Coconut Husk using only the most advanced production techniques under Professional Quality Control Procedures above international standards. We maintain total control over research, development, production and processing of our leading Coco Peat Coir Products from start to finish in all of our products, Washing Before and after sieving , we can subject the coco peat to further chemical treatment, e.g. the coco peat can be washed using fresh water in our washing facilities. Elements which are freely soluble in water, such as potassium, sodium and chloride, are removed. The salt content is reduced to an EC < 0.5 mS/cm [1:1.5 water extraction method]. For Professional Horticultural applications we further wash the coco peat reducing the EC <0.2mS/cm [1:1.5 water extraction method]; a specification unmatched by other suppliers. Buffering In addition to washing, we can also buffer the coco peat. Please see Buffered Materials for more informarion. During this process, calcium nitrate (YARA branded only) [2+] is introduced to remove monovalent positive ions such as potassium [1+] from the coconut complex. By buffering, we remove not only elements which are soluble in water (as in the washing processes), but also elements which are bound to the coconut complex through a cation exchange. All buffering is completed at one of our buffering sites in Sri Lanka and verified independently by leading laboratories.

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