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Advanced Nutrients kushie kush 1lt

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Advanced Nutrients kushie kush 1lt

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Product Code: kushiekush1lt
Maximize Your Yields And Optimize Flower Potency
Specifically Designed & Tested To Give More Potency And Weight
Kushie Kush is compatible with all hydroponics, sphagnum and soil growing mediums
Kushie Kush is the bloom booster Kush lovers have been waiting for
One thing to notice is that while Kush growers have spent many years and dollars using other bloom products, never before has anyone given Kush cultivators a bloom booster that specifically pumps more value, yield and potency into their beloved Kush buds. Most noteworthy is how unique a strand of indica Kush really is. It gets its name from the Hindu Kush mountain range stretching between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it grows natively. And as it grows it forms small crystalline structures that look like ice or snow on its edges, setting it apart from other strains like a rare diamond. It also has one of the highest THC concentrations of any indica strain, weighing in at an average of 20%! Being one of the stronger strains of indica, it’s also characterized by its earthy, sweet smell and intense body high. Because of the intensity of the body high that comes along with it (noted for often inducing “couch-lock”), Kush has been used very effectively in the medical marijuana community. In fact, these days Kush is the undisputed King of Cannabis in California’s medical marijuana community. And so scientists at Advanced Nutrients were commissioned to find out exactly what makes Kush so spectacular And you bet you’ll feel your medical problems very quickly recede when you’ve inhaled your tasty bowl of custom-fed Kush medicine. Kush booster that makes more harvest weight and medicinal potency. Kushie Kush is the only bloom booster specifically designed and tested to give you more potency and weight from your kush plants. All major sub varieties of Kush were tested so this formula contains exactly the right ingredients that your kush need to produce larger more medicinal yields Kushy Kush is the bloom booster Kush lovers have been waiting for. Guaranteed Analysis: Available Nitrogen (n) 1.0% Available Phosphate (P2O5) 7.0% Soluble Potash (K20) 17.0 % Magnesium (Mg) 1.0% Directions: Use 2ml per Liter durng weeks 1-6 of the flowering stage

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