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Growth Technology Nitrozyme 1ltr

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Growth Technology Nitrozyme 1ltr

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Product Code: Nitrozyme 1 ltr
Nitrozyme increases the rate of germination, growth, and flowering of Impatiens.
Nitrozyme can shorten by four days the time required to grow Impatiens seedlings for bedding plants.
Nitrozyme treated plants had 50% more leaves than their untreated counterparts, and these leaves were one-third larger on the plants receiving Nitrozyme.
Nitrozyme® is a highly concentrated extract from sea plants and contains a vast array of natural growth enhancers. Nitrozyme® has been tested on many commercial crops and has shown outstanding yield increases. Nitrozyme® contains powerful natural growth enhancers, exotic micronutrients and bio-stimulants. The high concentration of these biological agents will potentiate the growth process of the plant, with specific advantage to its current stage of growth. Nitrozyme® – the pure organic growth enhancer Nitrozyme® is very highly concentrated and comes from natural sources. It is non-toxic and poses no environmental hazards. Nitrozyme® has many uses for the serious grower and used correctly it can help produce healthier more vigorous plants and higher yields. Nitrozyme® restores and enhances the interaction between soil and roots, increasing vigor and improving crop performance.

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