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Vitalink Coir Grow Soft Water 1 Ltr

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1 x 1 litre bottle of Coir MAX A (SW), 1 x 1 litre bottle of Coir MAX B (SW)
A coir specific nutrient that never fails to impress' VitaLink Coir Grow 1L contains everything your plants require during the vegetative stage. This includes high levels of Nitrogen, which encourage aggressive vegetative growth. It improves rooting and general plant development as well as improving resistance against insects and disease. A coir specific formula has been developed to complement the chemical properties of the Coir media. Major nutrients such as Calcium, Nitrogen and Potassium have been adjusted to provide your plants with the balance of nutrients they need to reach their yield potential. VitaLink Coir Grow Soft Water is unlike any other coir nutrient in that it accounts for the different mineral compounds in your water, further improving results. VitaLink Coir Grow is highly concentrated - a little of goes a long way! Use with VitaLink Coir Bloom Soft Water and VitaLink Coir Mix for amazing results. VitaLink Coir is ideal for growing in pot culture systems or 'run to waste' drip irrigation systems . For recirculating systems use a hydroponic nutrient such as VitaLink easy.

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