IWS System


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IWS System

Intelligent Plant Watering Systems

Designed around automation and fully customizable growing systems, Intelligent Watering Systems are a sophisticated method of growing that uses automatic pumps, irrigation tools and more to constantly feed your home grown plants with nutrients as and when needed. Precision is the word to keep in mind when it comes to Intelligent Watering Systems with a wide range of timers and pumps give incredible amounts of control to the growers, allowing determined home growers to manage and fine tune their growing nutrients to their heart's content with the use of accurate, hydroponic timers and sensors to automatically establish the rules of your growing. Popular among hobbyists and commercial growers alike, Intelligent Watering Systems allow you to completely control the environmental conditions of your growing space and develop the most amount of yields for your hard, home growing work. Take complete control and don't leave your indoor farming to chance.

Automatic Plant Watering

Efficiency first when it comes to growing your plants, IWS watering systems take the hassle out of traditional, more manual styles of indoor farming. The best way to maximise growing efficiency, IWS watering systems are designed to work for you. With a wide range of pots, irrigation tools and more to choose from, you can create an ideal and subtle indoor farming environment that leaves you plenty of time to focus on the most enjoyable aspects of your home growing. If you're looking for the best way to get involved in hydroponics, Intelligent Watering Systems are a bit more challenging at the start, however scale incredibly well- ensuring that you have a fantastic crop rotation that is efficient and highly controllable, meaning that you'll be able to get amazing home growing results in no time.