Quick & Discreet Delivery

Security is paramount at Senua Hydroponics and our air-tight shipping service is no exception. Secure and discreet wrapping of all of your horticultural goods are of paramount concern for us, whether you've ordered a selection of plant nutrients or even something larger such as a grow light. Complete with strong and sturdy boxes for transport, we ensure that no matter your order- no mistake is made when it comes to the quality and privacy of your home gardening supplies, so you can rest at ease, safe in the knowledge that you can focus solely on your plants and their development without having to worry about the security of your deliveries.
In addition to secure and private packaging, we also pride ourselves on our fantastic shipping speeds and efficient service. Being in such a seasonal space, we understand the importance of receiving your parcels quickly and without a hassle and that's why we've invested in the best shipping service for your gardening goods. When you place your order online with us before 3pm on a weekday- we promise same day dispatch with next day delivery including all of the security and privacy mentioned previously. This makes sure that, no matter where you are in your home growing cycle, you're always well stocked and prepared for any eventuality, allowing you to make the most out of your growing without needing to worry about running out of supplies.
A shipping service this great and efficient is what separates Senua Hydroponics from any other Hydroponics store. To us, you and your growing are the most important aspect of our mission. We're always determined to make great strides for your security and privacy and to make sure that, no matter what, you're always ready to keep on growing.