Knowledgeable Team

Exceptional service doesn't stop when you're at the counter. With a bright and knowledgeable team of hydroponics and horticultural hobbyists, we're dedicated to more than just keeping your plants in shape. From environment set up, to nutrient feeds and even seasonal insight, our incredible team of specialists are always on hand to advise, guide and help where needed. Senua stands as more than just a hydroponics and horticulture store. Instead, we want to help raise a community of home growing gardeners to achieve their growing ambitions and, with our crack team- we're well on our way to achieving that goal.

Whether you get in touch via email, phone or (preferably) in person, our team of expert growers are familiar with everything you and your plants need to thrive in the home growing hobby. Boasting over ten years of experience, the Senua Hydroponics experts have practiced and refined the art of home horticulture and, staying ahead of convenient trends and industry practices, we also make offer advice to any grower at any stage of their home gardening journey. Whether you're planning on using an allotment for growing plants  or using an advanced set up to grow vegetables at home, our team are always on hand to offer their expertise and lend their experience to keep your ambitions growing as strongly as your plants.

Over our years of experience, we've also included plenty of friends and industry allies in our own growing journey. Stocking the best and most established brands such as Shogun, Canna, Dutch Pro and so many more- we're proud to say that we're the most up to date hydroponics store in the UK. Staying ahead of the latest industry developments is a must for our team and this is the knowledge we look to share with you as you make your first steps into the world of home growing. Don't let terminology scare you away from the exciting world of home gardening. Visit our store for a friendly chat and we guarantee to have your home horticulture running like clockwork with a decade of home growing wisdom behind us.