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NFT Hydroponic Systems

Grow Plants at Home Without Soil

Want to learn how to grow amazing plants at home without having to worry about soil? Soil based irrigation systems can be a drag- especially considering the logistics of moving large, heavy bags of soil and the costs of maintenance. Not to mention that, if you're home growing; then having soil in your home can cause a mess and start to intrude on your home life. The solution is very simple. Nutrient Film Technique growing (NFT growing.) NFT growing systems are designed to be subtle for your home farming needs and, without soil, NFT hydroponics are really straightforward to scale up for commercial growers. By using a thin film of nutrient-rich water that your plant roots dangle directly into, NFT growing systems are ideal for growing leafy green plants and are the best way to grow healthy, home grown herbs without risking soil being present in your home- keeping your hydroponics hobby subtle and out of the way within your home.

The Benefits of NFT Growing

Typically based on a single water pump system, NFT growing systems are fundamentally about saving space and maximising efficiency when it comes to your home growing journey. A truly modern form of home growing irrigation. The NFT growing system offers your plants oxygenation and direct access to nutrients and water. What this allows is deceptively simple. When your plants access the nutrients that they need directly- without the middle man (soil-) they start to grow at incredibly rapid rates without the associated risks of traditional, soil-based irrigation. Pests and insects that could potentially ruin your home grown crop are much less of an issue, as the soil that they could potentially be living within is no longer present in an NFT growing environment. NFT is more than game changing though. Like other hydroponics growing methods, there's one distinct advantage to using the NFT growing system to grow plants at home. Don't be restricted by the season, the weather or other external factors that have hampered growing attempts throughout history. With the NFT hydroponics growing system, you can dependably, safely and subtly grow you plants all year around without having to worry about the many headaches that accompany traditional growing methods outside of hydroponics.