Proud to be Local

Originating in Liverpool, Merseyside and expanding to the rest of the United Kingdom, at Senua Hydroponics; we've established ourselves as a fantastic source of home growing experience, wisdom and supplies. Backed by the best community, involved in a great hobby and pioneers in a thriving business, Senua Hydroponics is a locally based and rapidly growing, expanding our knowledge, goods and services throughout the UK. We're excited to expand our services where ever we can and really grow the hydroponics industry and awareness around the phenomenon of home horticulture and plant growing.


Make no mistake though, Senua Hydroponics is a Liverpool based store with an exceptional history in the city. Having taken part in local charity events such as The Gateway Initiative, we're proud to be local to the Liverpool area and support the communities who need us most. Our store, found in the centre of Liverpool, is the corner stone of Senua Hydroponics. A great place to relax, chat with like-minded people and learn more about the fascinating world of home gardening and indoor growing; the Senua Hydroponics store is the place to be for any experienced or up and coming growers looking to make their mark in the local community and grow extraordinary plants, fruits and vegetables.


Our goal is to create a community. No where is that more prevalent than with our local, Liverpool gardening store. Always looking for ways to provide a relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable environment, we're always adapting our facilities to provide the best service possible for the local community. Ranging from events, to seminars and even relaxed conversations with our well-read team of hydroponics experts- cultivating your home gardening has never been easier or more personal than with Senua Hydroponics. As a staple of the local, Merseyside community, we strive for more and soon, we plan to host events like open days, hands on demonstrations and much, much more in the near future- all with the single goal. To get you started in your horticulture journey.