About us

Originating in Liverpool, Merseyside, Senua Hydroponics is the UK's best hydroponics store and supplies the greatest variety of grow lights, plant nutrients and growing environments in the United Kingdom. We boast ten years of hard earned, exceptional knowledge in the home plant growing sector and are always seeking to provide an informed perspective on the industry with a dedicated team of home gardening and horticulture experts ready to advise and guide where needed. With a fantastic community  of loyal and determined home growers behind us, we've become a mainstay in the world of home gardening and hydroponics. 

Stocking products from only the best and most trusted brands amongst growers, we're proud to present a wide variety of fantastic products ranging from propagators and grow lights, to robust house plant pots and efficient plant nutrients. Whatever you need to make you growing a resounding success- we supply it. Even if we don't have what you need to hand, we'll go out of our way to get it in stock for you. This fantastic and friendly service is a part of the Senua community dream and something that we've been able to achieve thanks to our enthusiasm for the industry that has remained steadfast over a decade of dedicated service.

A photo of home grown Chinese Hyacinth that has developed fragrant white flowers with a purple flowering plant in the background

Getting Involved

A Team of Experts

Enthusiastic is the key word when it comes to Senua Hydroponics. Passing the secrets and arts of home growing and horticulture from one generation of growers to the next, we're happy to say that we've successfully brought hundreds of new and experienced gardeners into, or back into, the home horticulture world. Working with local charities such as The Gateway Collective, we have been and continue to be a well recognized and trusted name in home gardening- bringing new and exciting people into an equally new and exciting hobby. There are no egos when it comes to hydroponics; there's only a great community and fantastic growing.

Whether your planning to grow exotic and carnivorous plants, or reduce the cost of groceries by growing your own, tasty vegetables, we have your needs covered with a diverse array of different tools, nutrients and growing supplies ready to go at a moment's notice. And, with quick, discreet and secure packaging, our online store is the place to be no matter what you're growing. We guarantee that- whatever you need- it will arrive on time, thanks to our highly efficient and secure shipping practices with complimentary Next-Day delivery on products purchased through our online store.

Hydroponic Growing Guidance

Sharing our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the home horticulture business isn't just limited to in store visits either. A wealth of useful tips and tricks for getting the best growing results possible can be found among our informative articles that explain the ins and outs of the growing business. An ideal resource for the beginner grower all the way up to industry insiders- there is something for everyone amidst the archives of our articles. Whether its up and coming products or tried and tested growing techniques, we make sure to cover everything you want to know with easy to follow examples that we've accumulated over the past decade of experience.

There has never been a better time to get involved with home horticulture and take up the hydroponics hobby. With more and more people looking for a new, fresh start with a sense of community spirit- Senua Hydroponics will always be there to provide a helping hand and whatever you need to make your home grown plants a thriving success. If you're looking for that extra sense of community in your home gardening adventure, be sure to get involved with Senua Hydroponics and the exciting new waves that we aim to bring forward in the entire industry.